Maverick Planet is normally appointed to develop strategic change through one of six core offerings:

  • Project consultancy

    There are 5 natural places where organisations create more rapid change, bigger & more integrated ideas. These are crisis, launches, pitches, legal changes and changes in senior management. These 5 areas share 5 things they have in common.
    1. The brief is more considered and thoroughly researched.
    2. The organisation tends to be braver.
    3. The company doesn't work in silos.
    4. Senior management are involved at start and end of a project.
    5. There is a fixed deadline that doesn't move.
    Maverick Planet seizes upon these elements in how it manages consultancy for a client. It takes on a core project component and executes it to a deadline. Integrated and team based consultancy are leveraged using the presure of key deadlines. Decision points are structured into what it calls a Christmas tree process. A problem is then laterally and rapidly opened into insight and ideas and closed into actionable solutions.

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  • Concept & brainstorm facilitation

    Organisations and people will tend to see problems and opportunities from a closed perspective. They struggle to get a truly different view and this constrains see the world and the competition as it really is, but also to break outside definitions of what their business, the consumer, comms or a solution can be. Maverick Planet uses a variety of techniques, people based insights and its own outside view to transport concept & brainstorm facilitation to a new place. A number of organisations now call upon Maverick Planet to plan, facilitate & write up annual management awaydays. There are 2 key components it uses to achieve this. First, it seeks to get a fresh perspective (seeing the problem or the market through different eyes). Second, it utilises a facilitated stimulus to ensure the insight and ideas break away from just the tried and tested.

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  • Re-training in techniques in change thinking

    The techniques that Maverick Planet uses in its work can also be taught to individuals and organisations. The concept of facilitation – as a method of structuring a business, the solution process on a project, or the personal development of management is largely untaught in the academic environment or in business. It is a skill that enhances ideas, productivity, company morale and team building. Maverick Planet runs regular courses on strategic and comms planning through facilitation, or bespoke training programmes/workshops linked to the resolution of practical projects. As a Myers Briggs personality profiling practitioner these workshops can also be linked to the personal development of staff or the team – aswell as the project solution. Maverick Planet has carried out training for Google, CBS, Dennis Publishing, Reckitt Benckiser, The Institute of Marketing in Denmark, Sky and numerous agencies.
    “Brain on a stick. Never short of an insight and actionable route maps to glory for marketers and media companies alike. Luckily for us happy to share views.” – Matin Loat, MD , Propeller PR | Internet | Mobile

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  • Research development & execution

    Research is too often a crutch or a blanket of justification. Originally, good research would seek to test an hypothesis or find fresh insight to take the business forward. The commissioning of research is often delegated without full consideration of what else is possible or could be done. Alternatively, it is analysed with regard to justifying the research. Too much research output is information (telling you what you already know) vs insight which provides fuel to allow you to question existing behaviours or generate fresh hypothesis for new ideas. Mark Palmer, founder of Maverick Planet is an experienced qualitative and quantitative researcher. Added to his experience as a facilitator – and the possiblities and changes brought about by the digital world – this makes Mark a particularly informed/contemporary market researcher. Maverick Planet has reinterpreted existing research or conducted unique research for the Economist, Google, Ebay, Last.fm, Reckitts, Vodafone, MMA, GSMA & Sky. Maverick Planet has also consulted for research companies working for Comscore, You Gov & The Future Foundation.
    “Mark is highly respected in our industry combining as he does a genuine enthusiasm for solving clients’ problems with a highly creative and commercial outlook. Mark always asks the right questions, properly interrogates the response and develops strategy that best delivers against the consultancy brief. – James Wildman, Chief Executive, Hearst

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  • Extended platform promotions & partnerships

    Many concepts, business models & ideas can extend beyond the realm of just the brand in question. In today’s world this is immensely important as a way of extending the budgets delivery – but also of increasing the impact, reach or credibility of a brand and idea. There is a real need to develop concepts that look to be initiated or accelerated by concepts such as crowd sourcing, co-creations, content partnerships etc. Maverick Planet has built up the concept of EPP’s (Extended Platform Promotions) as part of its outputs to execute for clients. It facilitates introductions to other businesses. In addition to developing the concepts either as a consultant or when facilitating a brainstorm, Maverick Planet also actively develops and facilitates partnership meetings and negotiations for its clients.
    “Mark’s valuable and rapid insight into the childrens’ media landscape demonstrated the scope and potential for our title. It enabled us to quickly zero in on the appropriate market entry strategy and commence seeking the right partner” – Declan Moore, Publisher, National Geographic

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  • Comms Planning

    Comms Planning remains the core skill set that Mark Palmer has advised and executed for clients throughout his career. Mark was named as the media planner in Campaign’s fantasy agency of the millennium. In his agency career he was personally involved in award winning, mould breaking and highly successful integrated campaigns for BMW, Channel 4, Boots, Sony & Nestle, Vodafone. Comms Planning strategies remain a key aspect of what Maverick Planet delivers for its clients in executing their solutions. In particular, the joining up of digital and social media in total integrated marketing solutions alongside advertising, PR and customer relationship management has been an area of growing demand for Maverick Planet’s consultancy.
    “When working on the major advertising account I was responsible for, Mark brought great insight, innovation and delivery to the business. He maximised the effectiveness of our media budget, helped us to get the best out of the emerging new media channels and ensured that the media strategy fitted exactly with the brand values of our business and the creative direction of the work. Mark was also instrumental in establishing an integrated communications structure, involving agencies contracted to our business from a range of fields, including on-line, events, field marketing and POS, as well as the more traditional advertising, direct marketing and CRM. This was done largely without client involvement, but it created a powerful marketing and communications structure that survives to this day.” – Simon Oldfield, Sales/ Marketing Director – Vauxhall

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